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Release Date: 17th of March

Featured improvements


Deep dive

Asset-based servicing

The full details of asset based servicing is available in this learning article. Some of the highlights are below:

  •  In the routines tab for a property you can now see how many of each asset type will be serviced in a given month:



Prompt sets

Prompt Sets now group Prompt Questions, and can be accessed through control panel:


Prompt Questions are configured per Standard, allowing you to build up the relevant frequencies that each question needs to be completed:


Other changes and improvements

  • Property on Hold Warnings: Properties can be placed on hold in the event there are any financial issues between the parties: when a property is on hold technicians and office workers are warned when creating any sort of task in system so they can decide if they should continue with the servicing or maintenance activity they are creating. 
  • Task due date is now end of month: When the annual test date for a routine is the 1st of the month, we now align the task due date to the end of the month to remove overdue warnings.
  • Prompts visible in Workforce Web: We've streamlined the service task list, added more information about the defect being repaired for quoted repair works, and you can now view prompt questions on the web. Click the service link to the right of a service task:
  • Antivirus scanning on user uploaded files: To meet the requirements of ISO-27001 we've implemented anti-virus scanning on any uploaded files. Files that contain a virus will be deleted and a notification sent. This will be enabled for all customers in the coming months, but please contact support if you want this enabled immediately.

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