January 2022 - Website Release

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Release Date: 20th of January

Featured improvements


Changes and Improvements

  • Purchase orders
    • Uptick now allows you to record multiple delivery dockets against a submitted purchase order.

Once you've selected that the goods are received in full, all purchase order items will be created as billable items on the task.


    • A new 'Material Markup' field has been added to clients, branches and in site configuration in order to set contract, branch or company wide markups on purchase orders. This markup will determine the sell of these purchase order items once all goods are received.


  • Defect quotes
    • A defect quote now has a "Client Requirement" field to ensure the client's direction is understood. 
  • Service Quotes
    • Service quotes have a new field for "supervisor" and the author is now editable.
  • Accreditations
    • Accreditation requirements can now be seen and edited under the 'Requirements tab when viewing the client.
  • Security enhancements
    • Timelines on properties now track changes to zone & account managers.
    • When a user's Password changes will log out users automatically.
  • Subcontractor portal
    • An extra permission "" has been added to enable or disable whether a subcontractor can add additional technicians in their organisation for future task assignments. This allows you to have some control over who is being assigned to your subcontracted tasks and what qualifications they may have.
  • Custom Fields visibility using conditions
    • Custom Fields can now be configured with more advanced display conditions. For example, you can now elect to have certain Asset fields display only when the Assets' Properties are managed by particular Clients.
    • Custom fields can now optionally be shown to Contractors on Subcontracted Tasks.
  • Hierarchies
      • Clients and client Groups now show as a hierarchy on the clients detail view.


  • Accounting Integrations 
    • Profitability can be better assessed through the use of Dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics - Business central. Dimensions sync through to Uptick as Tracking Categories.
    • Products in Quickbooks now synchronise description account code & unit code.
    • Pronto integrations now have better control on when to update data through custom fields



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    Jeremy Forde

    Can you please add the scheduled time to each time block, as is the case on the OLD scheduler. Thanks.


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