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You can change and update various details related to reports by going to the report (Customer Data > Reports > View > View Report) then click on View Details at the top of the report to go to an overview of the report details.





From here you can delete the report or click Update to change or add specific details. The generated PDF may not match the recent changes made to the report so you should click the two cycling arrows to update the PDF



The table below outlines the different fields you can change on this page:


Title (Override report title) Override the title of the report.
Template Change the template by listing from a list of available report templates.

Choice will display against the report on the customer portal.


Published Toggles the visibility of the report on the customer portal (checkbox)
Issued  Change the issue date of the report.
Inspected Change the inspection date of the report.
Technician Change the technician on the report.
Approver Set the report approver.
External reference (Set legacy fields) Add an external reference value if applicable.
Amendment (Set legacy fields) Mark the report as an amendment (checkbox)
Active (Set legacy fields) Toggle the active status of the report (checkbox)
Internal note Add any internal notes here (only visible to staff)
General note Add general notes here
Critical note Add critical information here


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