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The lifecycle portal allows you to see to lifecycle analytics for a client or client group. 

Accessing the lifecycle portal (clients)

  1. View a client
  2. Under the customer portal section, click on View lifecycle portal.

Accessing the lifecycle portal (client groups)

  1. View a client group
  2. Under the client group name, click on View lifecycle portal.


The life cycle portal provides the following analytics of a client/client group:

  • Spend by month by category
  • Repair spend by asset type
  • Asset lifecycle forecast
  • A dynamic table where you can track the spend for each year as well as group and subgroup the data by:
    • Asset type
    • Client (when viewing the lifecycle portal of a client group)
    • Asset ID
    • Property
    • Asset
    • Condition
    • Installation Year
    • Replacement Year
    • Installation Date
    • Replacement Price

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