November 2021 - Website Release

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Release Date: 18th of November

Featured Improvements

Changes and Improvements

  • Client and clientgroup specific documents can now be uploaded and shared on the Customer Portal. This will provide more areas to share important documents with your clients, keeping them all in one place. Simply upload documents into a 'public' folder on your client or client group document uploader and those documents will appear on the relevant portal.
  • Uptick's profitability now better supports credited invoices.
  • Improvements have been made to make sure a task cannot be completed unless all its required actions and forms are completed.
  • We've added a button that allows you to quickly copy a property contact's email address to assist customers needing to externally send emails. We've also added the property contact's address to the quick view.


  • You can now add automatically add Actions and Dynamic Forms to tasks depending on the property that that task has come from.
  • Uptick now integrates with Business Central Accounting.
  • Viewing a task has been further optimised so that tasks with hundreds of assets can be loaded quicker.
  • You can now make property contacts public in bulk using the Importer

Digital Logbooks:


Public Contractor Profile

In this release, we’ve made it easy to publish a “public profile". If a subcontractor you work with has a public profile, in the coming months, you’ll soon be able to send them tasks directly into their Uptick, and receive service reports and invoices back automatically on job completion.

If you complete work by an Uptick customer, start your Uptick to Uptick journey with us by creating and publishing your public profile into the bSecure system by going to Site Configuration > Company Profile > Publish. This profile can be updated or hidden at any time.




Stay informed about the next steps in this Uptick to Uptick journey via your monthly release notes.

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