How do barcodes work in Uptick?

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Each asset has the ability to have a barcode scanned in and stored against it, which makes servicing via the app a breeze! One of the best things about barcodes is they are unique so you, the technicians and your customers can be sure you are referring to the same asset.

When heading to site you simply:

  1. Ensure you've got your standard barcode stickers which work with Uptick (most people get them printed at the local printer, just ask them for a sample before committing to a lot!) 
  2. Stick the barcode on the asset
  3. Open the app, get into the task and manually find the asset
  4. Edit the asset and scan the barcode sticker in
  5. Save

Next time you go to site, you'll be able to just:

  1. Open the work tab of the task and click the barcode scanner
  2. Scan the asset in front of you
  3. The system will bring up the asset you're looking at! 


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