When I "complete" a service quote, what does that do?

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There is a lot of powerful automation built into service quoting, however there are aspects that will require manual configuration after the completion of a service quote. To help you get a clear idea of what service quotes can handle automatically, and what needs to be set up manually, refer to the table below:


Automatically set up by completing a service quote Requires manual configuration after the service quote is completed.
  • Creation of the property and general details (if defining a new property in the service quote)
  • Creation of the client and general details (if defining a new client in the service quote)
  • Creation of a task
  • Scheduling of quoted routines, with the start date set as the approval date
  • Creating billing contracts associated with the service quote
  • Creating billing cards against new clients or properties
  • Changing routine start dates and annual dates


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