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You can edit or add your own remarks in Uptick, of which there are two types:

  • Global remark types, which are applicable to any asset
  • Asset specific remark types, which only apply to the appropriate asset

This guide will cover how each can be set up.


Global remark types

To create and edit global remark types:

  1. Click Control Panel > Edit global remark types
  2. Under Add remark type, fill out the fields. Label, Description, Resolution are text fields and the last field is a drop-down list of severities. 
  3. Click Create Remark. The newly created global remark will be listed underneath. The Active checkbox will control wether or not the remark will be available when servicing.

Asset specific remark types

To edit existing remark types placed against an asset:

  1. Click Control Panel > Asset types > View the asset type you want to add/edit remarks against
  2. On the next page you can click Add remark type to add a new remark for this asset type, or click Edit next to an existing remark type to edit it.
    3. Wether you're creating a new remark type or editing one that already exists, the fields are the same. 

    The following table outlines what the fields are and the type of information to input:
    Label The name of the remark
    Is active Toggles whether or not the remark can be used in the field
    Available to contractors When this is ticked, contractors will be able to use this remark when servicing this asset
    Requires replacement When this is checked, when this remark is selected the default replacement product will be suggested during quoting
    Severity Defect severity
    Description Describe the nature of the defect 
    Resolution The action required to resolve the defect
    Inspection Criteria Input inspection criteria here
    Standard Reference any standards here if applicable
    Suggested Products

    Suggested products are displayed at the top of the product selection dialog when this remark is active, this can be used to speed up the quoting process by field technicians

  3. Click Save Remark Type

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