Use and Charge or Suggest for Quote? What's the difference?

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When you view an asset and go to the Products tab and tap Add product, you'll be given two options:

  • Suggest and Quote
  • Use and Charge






When to use Suggest and Quote

Suggest for Quote can be selected if it needs to go through the defect quote approval process. This option will add suggested products to be selected in the quote builder.

When to use Use and Charge

Use and Charge can be selected if the client has an authorised allowance, bypassing defect quoting and performing the task then and there. Use and charge items will be added to the list of service tasks.

Suggested items absent from Quote Builder

If your suggest for quote items are not appearing in the Quote Builder of the defect quote, this is because the remarked assets were not part of the service task (which will be the case when a callout task is created from the app)

You can make all assets that were remarked for the specific task you were quoting from by taking the following steps:

  1. From the defect quote raised from the task, click on Quote Builder
  2. On the Source filter, change the selection to Active remarks added on (task number)


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