Getting a new routine created and making them applicable to assets

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Much of Uptick's functionality relies on routines to be carefully set up, so if you need to get new routines created it is essential that all your requirements for the routine are clearly outlined. This handy guide explains everything you need to know to communicate your routine requirements with us.


Outlining your routine requirements

To get a new routine created please provide Uptick with the following details:

  • Name
  • Standard
  • Standard reference
  • Standard notes
  • Performance standard
  • Service group

Outlining service level requirements

Provide Uptick with the following information to be entered into your routines.

Name The name of the service level.
Display code The abbreviation that appears on the routine in reference to this level.
Routine service type Select the routine type this level applies to. The list is populated by existing routine service types in Uptick.
Applicability note Provides note on the application of this level.
Internal note Internal notes regarding this level are placed here.
Service rank A numbered rank assigned to the routine service level.
Supersedes lower rank For multiple service levels where you require a higher ranked level to override a lower rank to avoid duplication in the routine calendar (i.e. annual level should override monthly level). The larger the number the higher the rank.  
Frequency The frequency of the service level. Provide a number in the first field, then select a time interval in the second field (years, months, weeks, days).

The amount of time permitted for a routine service that hasn't been carried out by the due date.

Major service Toggle as a major service. Major services are managed through a dedicated dashboard rather than routine task generation.


Assigning applicable assets to your routines

  1. Click control panel > asset types
  2. Click edit next to the asset type you want to assign to a routine
  3. Under the maintenance section select a routine from the applicable routines drop-down list.
  4. If there are any service levels you want to exclude from the asset select the exclusions from the excluded routinelevels drop-down list.
  5. Click save asset type.

Configuring inclusions/exclusions on a specific variant

You can set specific variants to be included as part of a routine and also create level exclusions for that routine. 

  1. Click Control Panel > Asset Types > View the Asset Type.
  2. Click on Variants > Edit the Variant.
  3. Select the appropriate routine by searching and selecting a routine from the Override routines field. All routine levels will apply unless selecting the specific exclusions from the Excluded routinelevels field.
  4. Click Save Variant to commit the changes



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