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Release Date: 19th August

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Changes and Improvements

  • Uptick now uses Google to validate property and task addresses which means you are more likely to now find the address you are looking for when validating your property. This also allows customers to search for addresses globally.
  • Uptick now offers a simple, Asset Register report for your usage. This is installable by going to Control Panel > Reports > Load from Report Libary. Once selected, you'll be able to create this report via the Reporting tab of any property.
  • When bulk updating data in the Uptick data importer, you now only require the id column to be present along with the columns you wish to update. This aims to help streamline bulk updating data, make it easier to train staff and hopefully cause less errors. Click here for more information.
  • On the website, geospatial floorplan icons will now be coloured by their current asset compliance.
  • Uptick will now warn you if you add a price against a task that hasn't had a product applied in order to lessen the risk of staff creating billable items that won't pull onto the invoice. It will also warn you if you switch a billable item to un-billable, again, to lessen the risk of user error.


  • The ability for field staff to access the Web portal of Uptick within the app has now been removed. Field staff should not need access to the Web to complete their everyday work anymore. 
  • When a staff member locks their account due to incorrect password attempts, it will now reset after 5mins.  Other office staff with the correct permissions can still reset passwords to unlock staff manually if they have truly forgotten their password or don't want to wait that long. 
  • Appointment notes have been added as a column to the Send Client Notification page.
  • For customers on Routines, a confirmation pop-up will now appear if you try and remove a routine from a property. This will hopefully stop staff from accidentally removing routines from a property.
  • Minor data importer additions: An accreditation importer is now available so you can import your accreditations in bulk saving lots of time. The Routine Service importer will now only allow you to import the default levels by adding True to the create_default_levels column.
  • We have fixed a broken technician filter within the contractor portal.
  • For customers on routines, we have corrected the insights report for forecasting Inspection and Testing revenue so that it properly applies do and charge revenue only when the applicable routines are due, rather than splitting the annual value evenly into every month - an oversight on our end. This report can be found in Insights and Reporting > Sales > Revenue Forecast Chart.

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