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Office Session 1 - Desktop Overview

  • Setting up a new user, video here
  • Setting up a client and billing card, video here
  • Setting up a property, video here
  • Setting up a routine, video here
  • How to create an asset, video here
  • How to service an asset/add a remark, video here
  • Generating tasks at the start of each month, video here
  • Setting up a call out task, video here
  • How to dispatch to the client, video here
  • Using the defect quoter, video here

Office Session 2 - Quoting

  • Check out how to setup favourites in the video here and read the article here
  • Using the defect quoter, video here
  • How to make a new product, video here
  • Service quoting article here
  • How to use pricing tiers on your products, video here

App Training 1

  • Getting started on the iOS app information here
  • Introducing the Android app here
  • Pop quiz/interactive tutorial during session
  • Classic logbooks introduction

Office Session 3 - Billing

  • How to connect your accounting system here
  • Everything about Billing cards here
  • Everything about Billing contracts here
  • Check out how to invoice here
  • How to dispatch to the client, video here
  • Generating Fixed Billing Invoices

Office Session 4 - Scheduling 

  • Prior to this Scheduling / Training 4 session, as this will a more tailored session, we would appreciate if you could have a think about the process for scheduling as it currently is and we can align your requirements seamlessly into Uptick, ensuring we are utilising Upticks capabilities and allowing the system to work for you.
    • Setting up a call out task, video here
    • All about Appointments
    • Using the scheduler, video here and how to send upcoming notifications here
    • Generating tasks at the start of each month, video here
    • All about Service Groups
    • All about Rounds here
    • Default technicians and geo-allocator, video here

App Training 2

  • Questions from the week/troubleshooting.
  • Filters on the app such as performed=no. Also the task list and the way it orders.
  • Task/asset display preferences 
  • Sending logs to our support team. How to submit a ticket to our help desk.
  • What to do in emergencies (and emergencies only).
  • Some troubleshooting for what to do if things aren't working.

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