How to set up and enable Replace Now on a remark

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In circumstances where the obvious outcome is a replacement, enabling "Replace Now" on a remark allows for the quoting of an on-the-spot replacement product with a single press.


Enabling "Requires replacement" on a remark type

1. Click on Control Panel, then click on asset types.

2. Click "View" on the asset type


3. Select the remark type that you want to enable a replacement option against by "Edit" for the appropriate remark type.


4. Tick the checkbox labelled "Requires replacement", then click "Save remark type" at the bottom-right corner of the page.



Setting replacement products to remark types

1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 at the beginning of this article. You should now be on the page of your chosen asset type.

2. Click on Variants, then click "edit" on the asset variant you wish to add a replacement product for.


3. Click on "Set advanced", then on the list labelled "Default replacement product", select the appropriate replacement from the Product Catalog. To commit the changes click "Save Variant" on the bottom right corner of the page.


4. If you go back to the asset variant you'll see the replacement product now shows up against the variant under the "Replacement" column.


Replace Now in the app (iOS)

With everything set up, when a technician selects the appropriate remark against the asset, Replace now will be an available option where applicable. 




If you select the remark itself, for additional control you will get the option to Add Remark Only or Add Remark & Replace.




Replace Now in the app (Android)

With everything set up, the technician can go into the asset, choose Replace Now, select from the applicable remarks, fill out the details then tap SAVE & RESOLVE.




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