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Release Date: 17th June

Featured Improvements

Changes and Improvements

  • The defect quoting table is now much more clear as to how it can be grouped as it now as checkboxes instead of a drag and drop option.


  • When all new defect quotes are created 'No grouped' will now be the option selected.
  • For customers using or wanting to use the Uptick Prompts feature, Uptick now offers a free service report which contains the prompts filled out onsite. Chat to support to get this set up. Any changes you'd like to make to this report will need to go through our template request process and may come at a cost. 


  • Staff can now efficiently 'select all' when duplicating items into another defect quote.
  • For customers with several branches (business units) in the Uptick system, defect quotes will now have a concept of Branch to allow you to manually override this at a quote level if your branch doesn't align with the quote's property branch. 
  • A defect quote will now correctly mention when a quote is actually sent compared to when it's manually submitted in order to add better at a glance information. 
  • Control Panel has had a bit of a rejig on where things sit on the page in order to add more of a streamlined approach. 
  • For customers on routines, Uptick now allows you to bulk import estimated duration on your Routine Levels. This allows you to more easily add estimated labour to your maintenance tasks which ultimately allows you to track labour estimations for the month and compare estimated labour vs actual labour once the task is complete. Simply go to your Customer Data > Routine Servicing > Routine Service Levels to find, filter and download your routine service levels, and then use our importer to bulk update that data. Read more about how to update data using the importer here.
  • For customers on routines, default service groups can now be applied to each individual routine level in order to help automate site setups and splitting out future tasks into the correct skillset. Please contact support with the service groups you wish to apply to certain routine levels so they can apply them for you.
  • For customers on routines, billing contract timelines now track all changes made to the contract by any staff member in order to add more clarity amongst staff. 



1. Automated CPI Price Increases

Uptick now offers three simple options when it comes to scheduling a price increase to your individual Billing Contracts; setting up an automatic, percentage increase every year on individual contracts, allowing contracts to be increased (%) using the bulk update tool or choosing not to allow the contract to increase at all and therefore being exempt from all increase tools. 


When we release this feature all your existing billing contracts will have the No Price Increase option selected. Read this article to read more about our new CPI Price Increase tool or how to update your exciting billing contracts to a different Scheduled Price Increase option.

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