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Release Date: 20th May

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Changes and Improvements

  • For customers on routines, your routine services can now be updated in bulk in order to help you bulk add and change end dates, service groups, contractors, or start or annual dates. This will create complete transparency on the routines you maintain on each site, as well as allowing you to easily download and apply changes to this data which will save hours in the office. Simply go to your task generation page, click the Routine Services button, filter the data you wish to update, and then follow this help article on how to use our importer to bulk update that data.
  • We have improved our digital, geospatial floorplans in handling large asset registries in order to give your clients a better portal experience.
  • Uptick can now help send dispatches in Uptick that are over 10MB (over the recommended email size for most inboxes). Contact the Support Team to get this set up on your system if you find this an issue. 
  • For customers on routines, annual do and charge calculations for service quotes are now available for PDFs. This will give you more options when displaying pricing on quotes for potential new contracts. Submit a template request here or simply check out our service quoting module here.
  • Contractors can now filter by Technician on their contractor portal in order to help them see their technician's workload more clearly.
  • The Major Servicing dashboard will now contain assets with due dates up to 5 years ago in order to cater for assets that may have not been maintained previously.
  • Branch has been added as a condition for automatically applying actions to tasks, such as technicians filling out a digital form in order to cater for more workflows. Read more about applying pre and post task actions here.
  • For customers on routines, a fix has been made so levels can now be edited and added when editing an existing billing contract to help save time when changing a billing contract's pricing structure.
  • A task's In Progress, Performed and Completed date now only update when the task has been changed into that status for the first time.
  • A fix has been made so that the routine blocks on your routine maintenance schedule will not duplicate if the annual date has been changed. This means users no longer need to change their start date when making a change to the annual date.


1. Advanced Defect Quote Product Selector

When selecting products on a defect quote, products can now be filtered by supplier, category or type (material, equipment, labour). This aims to optimise your ability and efficiency by filtering for products in certain categories, supplier catalogs and compare costs before selection, while also suggesting products for the remark. 


This tool will also allow you to completely use your TAB and ENTER keys on your keyboard to find and select products, without adding any extra buttons to click.

For more information about adding suggested products to your remarks, click here.


2. Uptick Prompts


Introducing Uptick Prompts - which has been a long time in the works! Designed specifically for the Fire Protection industry, you’re in safe hands with Uptick’s built in safety and legislative standards. Service with accuracy by providing your techs with legislative prompt questions which will end in a clear ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ compliance.


Uptick will provide you with legislative prompt questions for any or all asset types identified in our AS1851 list. Once set up on your system, any assets that are tested will need to be serviced by going through prompt questions before ultimately Pass or Failing that asset or esm.

You can also choose to customise those questions on your system, anytime in order to help you tailor your asset testing. 

To read more about prompts, click here.

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