Remote alarm-panel monitoring

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This module is still under construction, to be released in 2021.

Once released, this will be announced in our Workforce release notes. 


Uptick allows you to offer remote panel monitoring to your premium customers giving your customers piece of mind that any their assets are pro-actively monitored. This allows you to increase your revenue, while arming you with all the information required about each panel before you attend site, allowing you to decrease labour costs.

Instant notifications

Configure contacts per-site or per-client to receive notifications for different event levels, keeping your customers up to date and ahead of the curve.

Customer Portal Integration

Your customers can now get a seamless view of their building compliance, with remote panel monitoring integrating into the existing customer portal. Customers can see any detector faults in the context of any floorplans uploaded, allowing them to understand detection issues in the context of their building geographies.


Read more about the benefits of this product here.


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