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This feature is only available for services customers only. 

The support for CPI increases on routine/billing contracts can be found here.


Our CPI increase module allows for you to send out emails to all of your customers, letting them know how much CPI will be this time and what properties it is for. It will also update the prices in the system for you, which means you just have to click one button and watch the system do it for you!

How to use CPI Increase



  1. Navigate to Control Panel
  2. Billing Section > Click Mail price increase
  3. You'll have the option to fill in the following details
    • Cut off date: This is to ensure you are not increasing contracts you haven't had for longer than the period you allow for, for example, a year. Put this date to a year before the month you are in to ensure no sites over a year get this. Example, if it is March 2021, pop this to the 1st of March 2020. 
    • Consumer price increase: This is the decimal of increase you'd like applied to the prices. Eg. 3.5%. 
    • Email template key: This is the email template you'd like to send out which is telling the customers what is happening. This is editable via the Control Panel > Templates > Email Templates. If you're not confident in editing these in house, check out this article or else send us a request with what you'd like here and we can get a quote to you.
    • Include only these clients or except: You can pick client groups here to only send the increase to, or ones to be left out. If you want to send to all clients, leave blank.
    • Services to be adjusted: Pick the services you'd like to be adjusted. Typically, this might be a contract such as"Billing Monthly" or something similar which is just for billing. 
  4. Preview the increase before sending it on the right hand side, just put in a property reference and your own email. 
  5. Click Mail out price increase once you're comfortable with the details. 
  6. The system will then increase all the contracts by the increase percentage automatically, and send emails to all relevant parties. The system will also put a timeline note on the contracts, so you can see when it was changed for record keeping. 

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