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In a first-of-its-kind-design, you can now use the Uptick app to digitally place assets on a site floorplan to not only reduce the time it usually takes to locate assets throughout entire buildings and across multiple floors, but to also provide greater visualization and understanding to customers with a representation of their assets on a geospatial map on their Customer Portal. 

Geospatial Floorplans is a no fuss process that combines your publicly available data, detailed service history or a verified mapping partner like Locatrix to create a beautiful, accurate floorplan for all of your assets to your Customers.

To read more about Geospatial Floorplans, click here.




Uptick allows you to select an icon against asset types which allows you to see where your asset types are at a glance on the floorplan. If this isn't done, then all your assets will instead appear as red (Non-compliant), green (Compliant) or grey (Not Tested) dots which simply represent the compliance of that asset.


Uptick currently only allows a few fairly distinguishable icons to be selected, however more can be created on request if you use a lot of a certain type that you wish to have.


Supported Icons:













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