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Uptick provides further training for many areas of the business.

Are you just getting started on Uptick or do you have new team members?

Please start with the following articles:

We also recommend that your advance users support any new users by assisting them with training internally. 

Ongoing Learning Program

When activating your user, you'll automatically be subscribed to our ongoing learning program for the license type chosen when your user was activated!

Want more face to face learning?

You can book in paid face to face meetings by using the module below.


While all Uptick customers receive unlimited free support via phone and email, Uptick can provide additional training to your company at the following rates:

Refresher (zoom): $250 per hour (min 2 hours)

Training: 8h on site: $1,500 + GST (offices located within metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane)

Training (travel required): 8h on site: $2,000 + GST (all other locations)

Please note: Due to demand at the moment, there may be a wait of 1 month+ to be booked in for further training.




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