January 2021 - Website Release

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Release Date: 21st January

Featured Improvements

Changes and Improvements

  • Appointments list has received an upgrade.
  • Technician Activity Dashboard has received some minor polish. Most noticeably, overlapping Task Sessions will now be shown correctly.
  • Performance improvements to load time for tabs on Property and Task pages.


1. Service Task pricing

In mid-2019 we started cracking down on some of the price-inferring magic we were doing in the Service Task -> Invoice workflow. Rather than preferring to set all Service Task prices to $0 and having the Product default prices pulled through last second when generating Invoices, we began explicitly setting Service Task prices earlier on in the workflow. This made things much more obvious, and also allowed for more accurate profitability to be computed.

With this release we're following up with the second half of this change, to now properly treat $0 values on Service Tasks as $0. What this means for you:
If you have been explicitly forcing the unit price on your Service Tasks to $0 or blank, expecting for the Product default price to get pulled through later when creating your Invoices, this will no longer be the case. Instead, you should now make sure that whatever pricing you expect to have on your Invoices is already set correctly on your Service Tasks.

2. Defect Quote line item search

You can now quickly filter down your Defect Quote line items by Asset, Product, Remark and Description.


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