Why is my asset duplicating/not on the task work tab?

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Why is the asset duplicating on the task work tab?
Why isn't the correct asset pulling through onto the work tab? 

There can be a couple reasons for this, but the most common is that you've attached the asset type to multiple kinds of routines or services or not attached it at all. 

Uptick connects routines/services and asset types so every time a routine or service generates, it brings through the asset types linked to it with it. 

For example, if you have 2 routines/services (whether it be by accident or on purpose) on a property that generate in the same month

  • Fire Extinguisher Service
  • Portable Equipment Service

but they are both linked to the asset type Extinguishers, they will pull through all the extinguisher assets to the task, twice. If it isn't linked to these routines/services, nothing will pull through.





The fix

Remove or add the asset type from the routine/service it should/shouldn't be coming up on, then head to the work tab and click "Re-apply.

See the gif below, which highlights how to re-apply sub-tasks on a task to create, and how to delete duplicates. 



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