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For any of those who know me, you'll know this is my favourite feature of Uptick. Simple, yet so, so effective. I like to think of them as 'folders', they can collect and keep information in them for whatever you choose. I like to stay away from things I can filter with other task things, like categories or assigned technician. 

Rounds are so easy to use, here's how:

Setting up a round

If you'd like to read more about creating a round, click here.

The simple progress bars of each line relate to the status colours. They are a great way to view how the work in that round is tracking for the month/period you've set the round up for.

Not only is it useful for tracking progress, you can filter by rounds on the asset list page, allowing you to set favourites to track certain tasks with ease. 

Helpful tip #1: 
Always archive the rounds when they are empty, typically this will fall at the end of the month when all the work is completed, but keep an eye on it. Note: If the round is inactive, you cannot choose it to put work in, so keep it open if you're planning to put more tasks in it before finally putting it to rest. 

Suggestions of rounds to get started:

  • Call outs (MM/YY) 
  • Repairs (break this down further if you'd like. Sprinkler repairs, hydrant repairs etc) (MM/YY)
  • Hydrant flow tests (MM/YY)
  • Portable Technician Servicing (MM/YY)
  • Fire Detection Monthly Inspections (MM/YY)

The list of suggestions could go on, but really it is up to you how you'd like to use them for your business. 

Happy rounding! Please contact your account manager if you need any assistance on this.

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