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To prepare for the next training session face to face/virtually, please watch and read this information. 


Desktop Overview

A beginners overview video on basic office training

Detailed videos on each module to watch

The difference between client groups, clients and property contacts.

Setting up your customers correctly:
This is going to be explained with an example of the company Uptick. 

  1. The highest level of access is Parent Client Group/Client Group. We suggest this is the entire company as a whole. In this example, Uptick National. You might have 1 or 2 main people who need to access this portal, on a large scale. 

  2. Client is the next level down, this is exact individual portfolio. This might translate well to Property Manager, or Owners Corporation manager. This is the person who receives majority of the correspondence about a particular property. You might have 3 people who work at Uptick, Mads, Brigette and Luke, who all get their own "Client", so their properties can be linked to them.
    Note: Within the client, you can break down which email receives reports, quotes, correspondence and invoices, to help with workflows. 

  3. Property Contact is underneath a property, which lives under a client's portfolio. You can put people like owners, building managers and tenants under here, and tick the boxes of things you'd like them to receive. ClientGroupSummaryV2.png


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