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Setting up favourites for your dashboard

Setting up favourites can be a game changer to manage your daily, weekly and even monthly tasks.


At Uptick, we believe too many emails reduce productivity, so we support less emails and more use of our system internally, so your work is always sitting at the click of a button, literally. 


It's pretty easy to setup favourites and add them to your dashboard, here's how it works:

Creating a favourite and adding it to the dashboard

How to create a favourite:

  • Set the filters/visible columns you're wanting to capture, then click the favourites button on the page.
  • Type a name for this favourite and click enter when you're done.

Adding the favourite to your dashboard:

  • Click the customise favourites button.
  • Choose and ❤️ the ones you're wanting to show here on the tiles. The name of the favourite will be what you see on the tile.
    Note: This page is capped at 36 tiles, enough to have many quick links for all your workflows.

Helpful tip: Favourites are what I like to call 'sticky fields', so they are only visible on your login, and not everyone in the business. Knowing this, make them completely your own and call them whatever you think will help recognise them quicker.

Suggested favourites to get you started:

  • Overdue tasks
  • Tasks not assigned to a field tech
  • Tasks not assigned to an office user
  • Tasks not assigned to a round, if you're using these. More info on rounds here if I've got your attention.
  • Tasks without a due date (to catch those ones that'll float around and not flag as overdue)
  • Tasks in performed status to be processed
  • Tasks with access review, vacant or revisit for access issues follow-ups. 

The list could go on, but it is really up to you what you need to monitor each day so feel empowered to get creative!

Happy favouriting! Please contact your account manager if you need any assistance on this.




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