Setting up a new user (client, contractor, staff)

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Setting up a user is an important part of onboarding a new staff member. 

Setting up a user

All you need to do for this is:

  1. Head to the People tab, click Users.

  2. This will display all current users.

  3. Click Create user. 

  4. Fill in form. Email address must be unique. Ensure you tick "Is staff" if the customer is a staff member. 

  5. Ensure license is selected correctly. Options are:
    • Desk
    • Field
    • Contractor 
    • Customer
    • API
  6. Create user and continue.

  7. Assign the user to a security group. See the screenshot below for descriptions of security groups and their use case.
    Note: For customer and contractor users, you do not need to assign them to a security group as it is covered in the license itself.  mceclip0.png

  8. Save account. 


If you need to reset a password for a user, see this article below.

How do I reset the password for one of my staff?


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