Essential Safety Measures (ESMs)

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Track a building's Essential Safety Measures (ESMs).


Please note, you can use EITHER option for Certification Statements (AFSS, AESMR, ASMR, Occupiers Statements, Form 3, Form 56). However, please make sure to advice Uptick which option you'll be going with as a company when they are configuring for you (Asset based or ESM based auditing as described below) so we can ensure your template are setup to reflect this.


You can report on ESM's from onsite in 2 ways:

  • Using our ESM module to have isolated, ESMs in your system for auditing. This option allows you to use our signoffs module and is best suited to those auditing others servicing and not doing much of the maintenance in house or checking their own work. It also allows you to check off whole systems with the click of one button, if you aren't wanting to check every asset. This system doesn't automatically sync with your asset lists, so it can be a manual process if you already have all the information entered against the assets (if you've been servicing them), we recommend using the Assets Module in this case.

  • Using our Assets module, and consolidating that information into an asset type based report for yearly reporting, certification and ESM reports. This option allows you to audit your own servicing and maintenance in house and skips a lot of double handling, as the information is already entered into your system from your previous visits, ready to be checked. It also allows you to review each asset when auditing, especially those you may have defected the year previously. You can see the history, current remarks and photos of the defects on those assets to assist in your audit. 


When enabled, you'll also have access to our ESM Audit report, where you'll be able to send out failed Essential Safety Measures to your customers in a neat report, including information and severity of defects, outstanding remarks, contractor information and required action. 


All that needs to occur to make this report is:

  • If using ESM based, update the ESM with required remarks. Make sure to pass or fail the measure when you've checked it. 
  • If using Asset based, most assets will likely already have the remarks from previous visits, however you can add to this, or update where required. Make sure to pass or fail the item when you've checked it. 

Once you've finished that, the report can be created! 


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