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The Accreditations extension allows you to keep track of expiry dates and paper copies of licenses such as Police and Children Checks, inductions and more against your employees in one spot.

This module requires management, there are no automations in the system for this module.



Once enabled by us and permissions are applied, you can find the Accreditation module in People > Accreditations

First, you need to create accreditations types via the Control Panel. Contact your manager if you don't have the permissions. Types include things such as Police Check and Working with Children Check.


How to use

Once all types have been set up in your system, create your actual accreditations for each staff member by going to People > Accreditations and clicking 'Add Accreditation'.

When adding an accreditation, you can link the item to a technician and/or property, as well as input an expiry date. You can also input an accreditation number or reference if you wish. 


Once saved, you can upload documents to each accreditation via the document uploader so all your documents are kept on hand and in one place.


Once your accreditations are inputted, manage this page using the filters to find the accreditations that have expired or you are searching for. This module requires management, there are no automations.


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