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Uptick has so many ways to help your business go paperless, keep all your data in one place, become more efficient, and ultimately grow your business. The below article jumps into some of the most used extensions Uptick offers your business to help do this.

Routine Prompts (New!)

Designed specifically for the Fire Protection industry, you’re in safe hands with Uptick’s built in safety and legislative standards. Service with accuracy by providing your techs with legislative prompt questions which will end in a clear ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ compliance.

Uptick will provide you with legislative prompt questions for any or all asset types identified in our AS1851 list. Once set up on your system, any assets that are tested will need to be serviced by going through prompt questions before ultimately Pass or Failing that asset or esm.

You can also choose to customise your prompt questions, anytime in order to help you tailor your asset testing. 

This extension is for customers on Routines only.

More details


Geospatial Floorplans (New!)

In a first-of-its-kind-design, you can now use the Uptick app to digitally place assets on a site floorplan to not only reduce the time it usually takes to locate assets throughout entire buildings and across multiple floors, but to also provide greater visualization and understanding to customers with a representation of their assets on a geospatial map on their Customer Portal. 

Key Benefits:

  • Save time on the field: increase efficiencies and reduce the time it usually takes to locate assets like fire extinguishers or emergency lights throughout entire buildings, across multiple floors.
  • Fast for technicians to get started: Automatically create a ground floor map from Google Maps, or from a photo of the evacuation plan, or upload a pre-existing image or PDF.
  • Increase customer insights: Provide greater visualisation and understanding to customers with a visual representation of their assets on a geospatial map.
  • Makes our customers more competitive than any of their non-Uptick rivals.

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The Accreditations extension allows you to store and manage accreditation expiry dates against your employees and contractors while also warning you if you have assigned technicians and contractors that aren't accredited for that task, allowing you to allocate better. Accreditations include police checks, first aid, CFSP registration or even plumber licenses for specific annual testing.

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The Actions extension allows you to setup pre-task and post-task checklists and electronic forms (such as OH&S and risk assessment forms) for your technicians to complete. Checklists can be displayed on your reports with just with a simple template change. While electronic forms can be sent in a dispatch to the client or via the App by your technicians.

This will help structure your workflows when visiting properties with site-specific requirements, reduce paperwork onsite and keep all your documents in one place.

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Dynamic forms

Dynamic forms are digitally built by Uptick upon request (cost might be involved). This forms are electronically filled out by technicians or office staff and are either sent to your clients or can be accessed via the Client Portal. Example forms include SWMS, JSA's and OH&S or other site-specific paperwork required. This is aimed to replace all paperwork currently being used by your staff and keep all documents in one place.

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The Appointments extension allows scheduling of time and date specific appointments with a calendar-like interface, available to your office staff and field technicians. This calendar has been built to completely replace external calendars so it's all centralised in your system.

The module has a bunch of other features which includes sending reminders about appointments to property managers and tenants and creating automatic recurring appointments for weekly and fortnightly tests. 

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Key Register

The Key Register extension allows the management of loaning and returning keys, fobs and entry cards for your company. Uptick takes notes of when they were checked out and by who so you can audit access, follow up missing keys, and provide your clients peace of mind that their keys are safe and managed properly.

The simple functionally of this module can also be used for any loaned equipment such as drills and other supplies if desired.

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Classic (paper) Logbooks 

This extension enables the organisation of your logbook information in one spot. Photos of the physical logbooks onsite can be captured for each task, and updated entries can be added to them when technicians update the corresponding physical on-site logbooks. 

Logbooks can be included in reports and made available to clients via the Uptick Customer Portal.


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Digital Logbooks by Uptick

Easy to use digital logbooks designed for the Australian fire protection industry. Centralise and secure your compliance data with Uptick. Logbooks by Uptick is an easy to use app that adheres to Australian Safety Standards AS 1851 - 2012 and uses cloud-based storage to protect critical data.
Paper logbooks can be consumed in a fire, damaged in a flood, lost or misplaced leaving your business exposed to the risk of non compliance. Continued use of paper to record critical fire safety data impacts our environment, the cost of doing business and requires manual input that can contain a human error.


Major Servicing

Our Major servicing extension allows you to track and action major servicing per asset. The dashboard enables you to easily keep track of major due dates, perform one-click quote creations, as well as instantly create repair tasks for pre-approved works. 

For customers on Service contracts More details

For customers on Routines Services More details



Uptick helps you manage small to large muti-task Projects through our Jobs module. This module allows you to effectively run projects up to $1M, easily track costs against budget across multiple tasks, cost centres and project codes, and manage progress claim invoicing.

More details


The Rectifications extension allows your clients to submit rectification reports through the Customer Portal against non-compliant items on their property, and include any required information such as photos or receipts in order to rectify the defects in the system. This reduces lost information, back and forth emails, and adds an element of transparency with you and your client.

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Service Quoting

The Service Quoting extension allows you to create a quote for maintenance work for a new property or client not yet in your Uptick system. 

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Timesheets are a way for technicians to describe and submit their work hours via Uptick. For the technicians, task sessions will auto-populate into their timesheet each day for optimum business efficiency as Uptick already tracks this. These timesheets can then be altered and added to if needed. Leave, office time, transit time can all be added to their daily timesheets. Timesheets give your technicians greater capacity to track their billable hours and can increase transparency with clients by allowing techs to track their time on certain jobs, on-site or off. 

More details 

Subcontracted Tasks

Uptick gives you the ability to assign contractors to any time of work, allowing them to add and resolve remarks, upload documents, perform assets, and more. This process will update your data simultaneously and track tasks throughout the process which not only gives you better insights as to how your subcontracted work is going, but also reduces double handling and cuts down your processing time and costs.

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Custom Fields

This function allows you to add new fields to properties, assets, tasks, asset types, defect quotes etc in order to help you add more information to your reports and customise your system. 

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All your work is flowing through Uptick, why not use Uptick to calculate those profits for you!

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Enabling this feature will allow you to specify whether an asset type is an Essential Safety Measure or not. Once specified, esms will be distinguished from your assets via different tabs on your properties so that your data is cleaner and easier to apply to tasks. Ask Support for the setup.


Enabling Branches will allow companies with different offices to distinguish work in the one Uptick system. Ask Support for the setup.


Add a QR Uptick sticker on any asset or property so clients can later scan and discover asset details, service history and maintenance information. Anywhere, any time.

More details

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Order extension is used in Uptick to record purchases on a task and to monitor material and subcontractor acquisition requests. Purchase orders are currently fully integrated with MYOB and Xero to keep everything in one place, add transparency amongst your staff and add further flow efficiencies. 

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The Signoffs module can be used by auditing companies to obtain confirmation by your contractors to verify if certain essential safety measures have, and are being maintained for annual maintenance. This drastically reduces the need for back and forth emails, calls and adds ease when sending reminders.

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Lifecycle Analysis

This extension allows you to set up a basic lifecycle analysis for certain asset types which in turn, allows you and your clients to view the remaining expected lifespan of an asset, between acquisition to retirement (typically for the purpose of financial planning) and current condition of that asset.

More details

Parent/Child Tasks

The Parent/Child task functionality that Uptick offers is used for inheriting data from lots of tasks into one task. This is aimed at helping you handle clients that want to receive one invoice for several tasks or properties, one dispatch for several quotes, reports and invoices or for small scale projects. 

More details

Critical Defect Text Messaging

Uptick automatically and immediately sends text messages to certain property contacts when a critical defect has been raised by the technicians on site. 

This will allow you to keep your key property contacts informed of critical issues with their sites.

Contact Support to get this set up.

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