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This extension allows you to set up a basic lifecycle analysis for certain asset types which in turn, allows you and your clients to view the remaining expected lifespan of an asset, between acquisition to retirement and current condition of that asset.

You have the ability to create reports for your clients upon request or clients can see this themselves if the site has been tagged with our bSecure sticker. 


Once enabled by us and permissions are applied, you can start using this feature.

Add lifecycle functionality to chosen asset types

1. Go to your asset type page (Control Panel) > Asset Types and edit the asset type you wish to update.

2. On the bottom right, tick "lifecycle enabled" and type the years applicable to the service. eg. 25 years

3. Save the asset type

How to use

The assets which fall under the asset types you've set up, need to have an 'Installation date' set. 

The lifecycle analysis then uses this installation date to check against the 25 years to track the progression of the asset's lifespan. This data can then be added to reports.


Forecasted cost planning is yet to be built in Uptick.

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