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Enter the dashboard

Step 1: Click on the Servicing tab from the navigational menu at the top of the page. From the drop down menu select Services. 

On the 'Services' page, you will find a list of the services your company offers.


Create a new service

Step 1: Click the blue button labelled New service.

Step 2: Fill in the from form with all the necessary information. 

2.1 General Details


Short name- a shorter or abbreviated form of the service e.g. Portables, E+E etc.

Code- Set a unique internal code per service allowing for easier referencing e.g EXT01, E+E1 etc.

Category- Group together similar services under certain categories E.g. Fire extinguishers, Hose reels etc. 

Key- The key is shown on the scheduling blocks and should be short and internally meaningful when beside the service name or category.

Skillset- The skillset needed to perform the service. This enables only certain skilled technicians to be assigned to this type of service.

2.2 Products


Add any products that are used routinely during the service to automatically appear within the products tab when the service is performed.

2.3 Recurring services


This portion will allow you to set how often the service is provided. Schedule blocks are generated according to the information you add to this portion of the form.

Frequency- From the drop down menu select the frequency unit of the scheduled service
e.g. weekly,monthly, yearly etc. 

Interval- The interval between each frequency.
e.g. If it is a quarterly service, frequency would be set as monthly and interval set at 3.

Offset- The offset between service start date and first scheduled service.
Note: it is the same units as interval
e.g. Frequency is monthly and you offset 5 means 5 months from service start date

2.4 Applicable assets


Complete this portion of the form to make searching the service and required assets easy.

Tick the All assets box if the service is applicable to all assets and not constrained to certain asset types.

2.5 Servicing and reporting requirements

Be sure to verify whether your service utilises a subcontractor under "servicing" and "reporting".

You have three options for "Subcontracted assets", Yes, No and Only.


For servicing:

Selecting Yes will create service tasks for your technicians each time a task is generated

Selecting No will not generate service tasks. For example, if you subcontract sprinkler work, your technicians need not have service tasks for sprinklers.

Selecting Only will only generate service tasks if there is a subcontractor in place for this class of asset. This can be useful for auditing work, e.g. to ensure that a subcontractor has been fulfilling their service criteria.


For reporting:

Do you want to report on the asset, even if the work is done by a subcontractor? If so select Yes. Otherwise select No.

Tick the servicing box if you want a task to be generated for the service. 

Tick the reporting box labelled "Generate report task" if a report is required to be generated once the task is completed and if possible, select which type of report from the drop down menu.


2.6 Billing requirements 


Tick the box labelled Generate billing task if this is a billable task (to be billed in arrears) and tick the box labelled Billing task track period to track which period the service contract has been billed against (Read more about Fixed invoicing)

Step 3: Once you have added all necessary information, click Save service.


Update a service

Step 1: Enter the services dashboard and click on a service you wish to edit.



View all engaged service contracts

Step 1: Enter the service page via the services dashboard and click on a particular service type i.e. 'Exit Lighting 12mm'.

Step 2: Click on the light blue button labelled View contracts to view all engaged contracts of the service type.


Step 3: This is a page listing all the current engaged services and allows you to view all the service contracts that fall due this month via the view current month tab.


Step 4: If you wish to edit any service contract details, select edit on a particular service and alter the details. 

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