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A technician has been out on site and has reported defects i.e. remarks and has failed asset or ESMs that need to be quoted on for client approval. 

An article about reporting and quoting on defects via the app can be found here: Reporting and quoting on defects via the Mobile App

  1. Raise a defect quote from the task where your technicians have reported failed assets by going to the Process section of the task and clicking Create Quote. mceclip0.png
  2. (Optional) Edit the quote details and add any other information that is needed i.e. expiry date, description, internal information or Scope of Works. note that this quote will be sent with your service invoice and report so not too much information should be needed. While the quote is in Draft status, the details can be edited by clicking Update.                               mceclip2.png
  3. Quote Builder, this is where the magic happens. Open the Quote Builder, by clicking on the Quote Builder tab above the Works section of your quote. The default filters that show up will give you all the remarks reported via this task and that HAVE NOT been quoted on before (freshly added on the quoted task). Remove the filters if you want to see ALL unresolved remarks on the entire property that either have or have not been quoted on before.                                                                                                                                Quote_Builder_expand.gif
  4. Click Select all on this page - this will select all the remarks you have filtered and then click Add selected to quote. This will cause all remarks to pull down into your quote for you to start or check pricing. Your technicians should have already added the right product to fix this remark, but if they haven't due to not having the product in the system, you'll need to fill this cell yourself. When a product is selected for this line of the quote, the price will automatically populate (once again, if you have setup this product with the right pricing against it in the first place).Defect_Quote_select_add.gif
  5. Add all the lines you need to make this quote complete, product, possible description if you would like to describe the remark in more detail, Cost (option) and sell price. Add in labour if desired.
  6. Move your defect quote into a Finalised status once you are happy with it and have previewed the PDF.mceclip3.png
  7. Go back to the task and Dispatch to Client. You'll see that because your quote is in a Finalised status, you'll be able to select the quote to be sent in the dispatch alongside your Service Report and service invoice (if your clients aren't fixed billing).Select_quote_and_dispatch.gif


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