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Contractors (or Subbies) require a basic setup. Once you add them you'll be able to allocate programme maintenance and one-off tasks. 

Go to People > Contractors > 'Add contractor'.

Each record has mandatory and optional fields:

Mandatory field

Company Name = Contractor name 

Optional Fields 

Active = Current or archived contractor Contact mobile = Main contact's mobile
Starred = Saved at the top of the list as a commonly used resource Contact BH = Main contact's business hours phone
Email = Main email address Contact AH = Main contact's after-hours phone
Login account = If you already have a login for them, search for it here. Contact fax = Main contact's fax number
Primary contact = Main contact person Address = Company location
Category = Configurable options for grouping Contractors at a broad level E-mail CC = Additional contact's email addresses 
Tags = Configurable options for grouping Contractors at a more granular level  
Skill = Configurable options for grouping Contractors based on services provided  
Service areas = Configurable locations serviced. These are set by postcodes  
Notes = Basic comments about the contractor  




Once you click 'Save Contractor', you have the option to set up a portal for this contractor by clicking 'Send Invite'. This will send them an email allowing them to set up a password. This will allow them to complete work on your system - read here for more information.


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