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Our Home Page provides you with a quick and customizable Dashboard which gives you insights into key areas that you need to focus on your day to day operations. You can access your Dashboard when you click Homepage or your Company logo.

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Programme Maintenance Progress Tile

This tile is all about this month's programme maintenance tasks. 

Pie Chart: This is the percentage of tasks you have completed and/or archived compared to how many are still active and not in a completed status that are due in the current month

To Do: If you hover over this tile you'll see the breakdown of tasks that go into this group i.e tasks with a status of Not Ready, Ready and Scheduled (Due in the current month).

Doing: These are all the tasks that are in a 'Doing' status. This can be the tasks that have a status of In Progress, Office Review, Field Review, etc. (ie. every status that isn't complete or in the To Do grouping). These are, once again, for tasks that are due in the current month.

Done: These are the tasks that were archived and/or completed in the current month. Please note that it's very hard to filter on your task list to get exactly the same count - don't be alarmed!

From Previous Month: These are all the tasks that were due in the previous month that are not yet in a completed status or archived.

Favourites Tile(s)

When you first visit your new Home page, this section will be blank. This is because you haven't added any of your favourites to this section yet! See the bottom of this help article if you don't know how to add favourites to the system. 

Start by clicking 'Select a Favourite'. Once you do that, you'll get a list of all the favourites you have added to the system. Select the ones you would like to add.

Favourites will be a live feed that you will be able to monitor AND click into. Clicking onto a favourite from this dashboard will take you straight to the page with the filtering you are after. Your favourites will order by the order you added them.

For your attention tiles

This section is filled with tiles that are useful to a lot of users. There's only a set number of tiles that you can pick from here. This will give you a live update of the following and can be clicked which will take you to the necessary pages and filtering:

- Overdue Invoices (currently you have to filter on the invoicing page to find this number)

- Defect Quotes submitted more than 7 days ago (Need reminders?)

- Defect Quotes approved by your client (Repair tasks should be created)

- Declined Defect Quotes in the last 3 days (follow-ups and cancellations to be made)

- Overdue Tasks (total overdue tasks)

- Routines Due for generation (only applicable to systems on Routines) 

Realtime Map

This is a live map of all tasks. There are larger circular dots which have your technicians initials on them as well - these show the last location of each of your technicians, ie. the location where they last updated the status of a task.

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