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The portal is designed for users that want to access the latest information about their properties. The format is a large list view which contains hyperlinks to new pages that show key information typically requested by Property Managers. The pie charts and graphs will allow the user a quick overview at a glance.


Giving your customers access to their portal

  • Head to the customer you are wanting to give access.
  • Under the Customer portal heading, click "Send Invitation".
  • This will send a link to your customer, and prompt them to setup a password to access the server in future.

Note: If the client does not have an email, this button will not appear. An email address must be added in order to set this up. 



Client group portal setup

  • Go to the client group page
  • Update client group
  • Add in the authorised accounts. These users will be able to see all properties covered by that client group. Note: You can add multiple users in here. If this user isn't already created, you'll need to create them. More on creating a new user here.


So, that sounds great, but what information can you see in the portal? 

Within the users unique portal they can easily access and browse all information regarding their properties and get a complete overview of what is going on.

If you have a client that has many portfolios, then you can use the 'View As' button, on the top, right to switch between the portfolios. 

If you are interested in seeing what your client see's, use the "View As" button to see it as they do, or simply view their portal via the "Portal" tab on their client profile. 


A video on all things Customer Portal

To read more about the customer portal on our website, click here.

To download documents, to provide to your customer about how the portal operates, see below. 

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