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The portal is designed for users that want to access the latest information about their properties. The format is a large list view which contains hyperlinks (blue) to new pages that show key information typically requested by Property Managers. The pie charts and graphs will allow the user a quick overview at a glance.

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How to Access Customer Portal

Customer portal users are set up by service providers. They will provide you with the following:

1. Company Website: Url where you will access the data (

2. Username: Your work email address.

3. Password: Password provided or created by you. This field is case sensitive.

Note: If you have any issues with the portal please contact your service provider.


What information can you see in the Portal:

Within the users unique portal they can easily access and browse all information regarding their properties and get a complete overview of what is going on.

If you are a client that has many portfolios, then you can use the 'View As' button, on the top, right to switch between your portfolios. 


1. Quick tiles Section

First you will see 4 or 5 hyperlink (blue) buttons with the following options:

1. Browse properties - Here you will be able to see a list of all your individual properties, their maintenance history and all other relevant information related to that property.

2. Defect registry - Here you can review all open remarks/defects against all properties, which include pictures, assets they are attached to and their severity rating.

3. Monthly report - Here you can download your customisable monthly report, which can contain as much information as you'd like upon the service providers decretion.

4. Assets - Here you will see a list of all assets and their basic information on all your properties.

If your service provider users Service Quotes:

5. Service Quotes - Here you will find a list of all your pending approval, declined and completed service quotes.


Directly under this, you will see 6 tiles with the following options:

1. Properties - This tile is another way to get to your properties list.

2. Assets - Here is another way to see all your assets, and also to see how many assets you have on your properties.

3. Open Tasks - This tile will give you a tally of your open tasks that your service providers are currently working on for your portfolio of properties. Clicking on this tile will take you to a list of all your open tasks with a more detailed description. Viewing the tasks individually from this list will show you whether they are scheduled, in progress or completed, their scope of works, due date, who the task is assigned to currently and other information. Completed tasks will have attached reports, quotes, invoices, forms and logbooks.


4. Open Defect Quotes - This tile gives you a tally of all the open Defect Quotes relating to your properties - when you click on it you will be taken to an overview of all Quotes including severity, value and status with an option to view further details.

5. Unpaid Invoices - This tile gives you a tally of all your unpaid invoices, due or overdue. Clicking on this tile will give you a downloadable PDF list of your invoices.

6. Critical Defects (Red Tile) - You can't miss this tile! This tile will show you your most critically rated defects. If you don't have any Critical defects on any of your properties, then it will show you how many of the lower severity you have in your portfolio. By clicking on this you will be taken to the Defect Registry page for more information about these defects.


2. Graph and Pie Charts

Keep scrolling down the page and you'll see some pie charts and graphs which offer an easy glance option for looking at the compliance and statistics of your properties by either Property or Asset. 



The Pie Charts are categorised by percentage, are colour coded by severity and allow the user to hover over for the specifics details. 

Breakdown of Pie Charts:

Compliance by Property:

The 'Compliance by property' Chart breaks the compliance all of your properties down into different colours depending on how many are Compliant and how many have defect remarks against them. If a property has many defects, but one of them is 'Critical' then this property will be put in the Critical (red) section of the chart as this chart grabs the high severity rating on that property.

In this example above, you have no properties that are Compliant, 6 that are Critical and the rest are Non-Critical. 

Compliance by Asset:

The 'Compliance by Asset' Chart breaks your assets down into different colours depending on the severity of remarks on those assets. Looking at the example above, you can see that 97% of your assets are Compliant meaning they have either no, or just Informational remarks against them.

When you hover over the outer circle of the chart itself, you will get a breakdown of the number of assets in each severity category.  By hover of the example above, you get 5458 assets that are Compliant, with the rest having a remark severity of Non-critical.  

Note: If an asset has two remarks, the asset will be put in the highest severity that it has, hence the asset numbers might not always add up to your actual asset count for your portfolio.





Breakdown of Bar Graphs:

There are two Bar Graphs on the portal, cleverly designed to give you a view of both your 'Properties' and the 'Asset types' with the highest severity defects. Both have the option to flick through all data by clicking on the right or left arrow underneath the graph, however, the properties and asset types listed first are the areas that require the most attention. 

We calculate all the remarks and their severity level and give you the properties and asset types with the high severity rating and therefore the areas that need your attention the most. This might also help you gauge which areas aren't being attended to most or which assets might be causing the most problems.

However over each property or asset type and you'll get your remark breakdown of that data as seen above.


3. Quote and Invoice Summary

Below the graphs above, you'll see all your Critical, Open and Closed defect quotes for your reference. Your service providers should have sent you these Defect Quotes already.


Next is a quick view of all your Unpaid Invoices with downloadable PDFs. Once again, your service providers should have sent you these Invoices already. 



4. Manager Summary

 If you have a portfolio that looks over many other managers, you'll see this table right are the bottom of the portal.


Here you'll see a comparison of all your managers properties, how many properties each manager has and how many defects are in their portfolio. A downloadable version with lots more information is available.

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