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For reports that require to be created on a property, rather than a task i.e. Historical, System Condition and other property based reports, follow the instructions below.


  1. Go to the property you would like to create a report for 
  2. Go to the Reporting tab
  3. Click Create a report and pick the report you would like to create from the drop-down list.
  4. A preview of the report will be shown - click Update details to add or change information.
  5. Fill out the fields that are relevant to create your report. Some of the fields and checkboxes are outlined below:

    Date your report was sent to your client.

    Some reports can be backdated (i.e In the case of yearly condition reports, you can change this date so that the report covers the 12 months preceding the date chosen here)

    Inspected The date the information on this report was inspected by your technicians (only if applicable) 
    Type This is just the report you are going to create (should already be filled out)

    If you have a primary technician that attended site for this report.

    External Reference* External reference numbers/codes can be placed in this field if applicable.
    Template Version This should already be filled out if this report has one, if it isn't filled out then this is fine so. Try not to change this field if it's already filled out.
    Compliant Whether the report is compliant or not.
    Published Tick this if you want to display this report on this client's CLIENT PORTAL (if they have one). This should be ticked automatically.
    Amendment* More as an internal reference, tick this if this if this report is being created due to amending another report.
    Notes This section allows you to type notes in about the report. If you have your template setup, you can have these notes pull onto your report PDF.

           *Click Set legacy fields to make these fields visible


Adding external reports and documents to the report

  1. From the Reporting tab on a property, click on the report where you wish to add additional documentation 
  2. The report preview will be displayed - click on View details to go to the details page of the report.
  3. Under the Attachments section at the bottom you can click and drag documentation directly onto this area or click select files to browse and upload  You can also organise these attachments into folders which can be created by clicking Add Folder.

Documents added here WILL NOT send with the report created in Uptick.


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