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Initial connection

Connect your MYOB account with Uptick:

  1. Head to the Control Panel in the navigation strip, then select Accounting.

  2. Click the MYOB icon. You will be redirected to MYOB.
  3. Enter login credentials for a user that has access to your MYOB company file.

  4. Finalise the integration by clicking Allow access. This will redirect you back to Uptick.

  5. Select your organisation; MYOB refers to this as the Company File. The credentials to be entered on this page are those for the Company File specifically, not your regular MYOB login details. If you don't remember what these are, try entering the default credentials: "Administrator" for username and leave the password blank.

  6. If your Accounting Configuration page now looks like this it means you've connected successfully.

  7. Lastly, if you want this to be the default organisation for Billing Cards and Invoices to link with, click Set as default. If this is your first time setting up an accounting integration then you definitely want to mark it as default.


  • You can review your MYOB integrations at Here you can revoke permissions for the Uptick integration, or if need be, sign out so that you can set up the MYOB integration with a different user account.
  • If you've disconnected an integration and wish to reconnect it, simply follow the same steps from the start again and it'll automatically link back up with your previous setup.
  • You can also link multiple Accounting Organisations on the Accounting Integration page by clicking one of the accounting partner icons and following the prompts. With such a setup you will still have one default Accounting Organisation that most Billing Cards and Invoices connect to. The remaining Accounting Organisations will need to be explicitly specified on the Billing Cards that will be using them.

Invoicing with Uptick and MYOB

Uptick supports MYOB's Service-type Invoicing

This invoicing uses the Account Code field on each invoice line item that will be picked up by MYOB when it registers the Invoice against the General Ledger.

This means if you'd like to, you can track how much revenue you're earning from each area of the business. If you need more information on how to link products and the account code, click here.


Important note: Every night, a sync between MYOB and Uptick occurs. This will sync all invoices between the platforms, however it does not sync deleted/voided invoices, so make sure to do these syncs manually if you delete/void an invoice.  


Editing invoices/billing cards after the have been synced with MYOB

  • Create the billing card in Uptick and push it to your accounting partner.
  • You should not have to 'detach' this again.
  • If you need to edit it you can do so in MYOB. Then with the overnight sync Uptick will pick all the relevant changes up. If you detach it you will most likely run into issues when trying to attach to existing! 

Character limits

Character limit of attention field, reference field and client field from MYOB is 20-25 characters.




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