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Much of the Uptick functionality is building centric, we provide two ways of identifying a building: validated addresses and approximate addresses.

Validated addresses search the database Addressify. Entering a validated address looks like this:


There are several benefits to validated addresses:

  • It prevents double entry of sites where the address provided by the customer is slightly different, e.g. "10 Studley Street" vs "8-12 Studley Street"
  • It ensures that the geocoded coordinates are accurate, rather than the approximate coordinates that are often returned by Google Maps.

There will be several additional benefits to Validated Addresses in the future:

  • It means you won't have to fill in contractor maintenance statements / signoffs from auditing customers
  • It will allow you to automatically load up asset lists and ESM registers for buildings already using bSecure.
  • Subcontracted jobs can share asset and rectification information.

Validating complicated addresses 

For addresses that don't exist in the official dataset, you can set approximate coordinates.

To access this tool view the main property list and select "Addresses need validation (x)".
The interface looks like this: 

Click edit:


Then show advanced:


Search landmarks or the address in this field. Ensure the display address is what you would like it to be and then click save. 



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