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This article will outline the steps required to add a logbook entry to a property via the task.

First, click on a task.


Click the 'Finalisation' icon at the bottom right of the screen.




Click 'Complete Logbook'.

All of the logbooks that currently exist for the property will appear in a list.

If the relevant logbook already exists, click 'View' next to the logbook.

If the logbook you need to add to does not exist, click ADD on the top right of the screen.


Select the relevant logbook type, fill in the relevant details and click 'Save'.


After the logbook has been saved, you can add images by clicking on the arrow pointing to the right next to the logbook.




Here you can add as many photos as you need by either taking one or using existing ones you have taken earlier.

Done! Use the icons along the bottom of the screen to navigate elsewhere on the task.


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