Creating a Defect Quote

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This article will outline the steps required to create a defect quote in a task.

First, click on a task.



Then, make sure you've pressed 'Play' in the top right corner and changed the status of the task if necessary.



Selecting a quotable product on an asset

Tap on ‘Work’ tab in the row of icons along the bottom of the screen.

Tap on the asset you are servicing.

After passing/failing the asset and adding remarks, tap ‘Products’ at the top of the screen.


Tap 'Add Product'.

You will be directed to this page where you can add products.


When you are finished servicing assets and adding products and are ready to issue a Defect Quote, navigate to the 'Finalisation' tab bottom right



Click on 'Create defect quote' and select the products you are wanting to be added to your quote.



When you've added all relevant products, tap 'Submit'.  Here you can save as a draft or Create a new task from this quote.





The list of products under 'Prepare Quote' will disappear. Tap on 'View Past' to see the quote you just submitted (you may need to pull the page down to refresh).


Tap on the Defect Quote to view it.


And here the Defect Quote is! Ready to be reviewed in the office and sent out.


Use the icons along the bottom of the screen to navigate elsewhere on the task.



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