Setting up access to client portal

Our Customer portal provides detailed information about contracted programme maintenance, quotes, reactive task, and more.

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Set up client access to Customer Portal

  1. Find the client in Clients>Clients and select create an account for that client.
  2. Fill the information for that user and add a temporary password.
  3. The user account will be created. You should then add the user to the "Client" group to set the appropriate permissions.
  4. Send a direct email to your client with your Uptick url (web address), their login and temporary password.

Alternatively, you can let the system create a temporary password and a welcome email.  

Setup client group access to Customer Portal

If your client has multiple contacts (managers) you can setup a Client group where your clients can access their colleagues and own information.

Quick Demo


  1. Create a client group.
  2. Open the client group and select edit.
  3. Add contacts associated with the client in the accounts section. Note that each contact needs to be set up as a client with their own account.

As a result of the above set up, all contacts will be able to access properties linked to your client.



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