How do I set up automatic labelling for my assets?

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Your asset labels help you uniquely identify each asset on a property. Uptick works with whatever your existing numbering pattern is through two fields: the sequence pattern and the sequence group. These can be changed by editing an Asset Type.

You can use these simple substitutions in the sequence name:

  • {make}
  • {model}
  • {size}
  • {barcode}
  • {sequence}
  • {variant}

Double spaces and brackets that end up being empty e.g. "Fire Extinguisher ()" will be automatically removed to give you a clean label eg. "Fire Extinguisher".

Sequence numbers and sequence groups

The Sequence Group is applicable when you want more than one asset type sequenced together, for example you might want your assets labelled like so:

  • Fire Extinguisher 01
  • Fire Blanket 02
  • Fire Extinguisher 03

To do this, set the same Sequence Group on both the Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket Asset Type, e.g. "Portables".

The sequence name for each asset type would then be e.g. "Fire Extinguisher {sequence}" for the fire extinguishers and "Fire Blanket {sequence}" for the fire blankets.

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