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Provide huge value-add to customers and reduce burden on your office staff with our client portal. Give your clients information they never thought they had with our powerful analytics packages by allowing them to keep track of reports of their entire property portfolio. 

Step 1: From the top navigation menu, click People. From the drop down menu, select Clients. 

Step 2: From the Clients page, select the Client you wish to add an account to. 

Step 3: From the client's page, find the line for Account information. Click the blue text next to it the reads Create one.


Step 4: Add the account holders name and email address. You have the option to add the password for them OR to send them a welcome email which let's them set a password.

Note: Do not check the 'Is Staff' box unless they are staff (in this case, you wouldn't). 

Step 5: Once you have saved or sent your welcome email you are taken to a page which allows you to attach the permission group you want to give to the client by checking the box next to client in the field on the right titled Groups.


If you have already sent a welcome email, then just click 'Save account'.

All Done!!

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