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By providing a way to centralise all emails, Uptick makes it possible for you to quickly and easily obtain any information exchanged via email between anyone within your business, whether on site or in the office. 

How correspondence (also referred to as email archiver) works

Every email sent via the system will automatically bcc the correspondence email and appear within the correspondence tabs within either the client, property or contractor.

However, you can also manually bcc the address via your own emails and the correspondence will automatically appear in the system. 

By inputting this email address as a Bcc, and having the Property REF somewhere in the subject line, typically in brackets eg (P-12345), the external email will be sent to this particular property under the correspondence tab.

Your property correspondence email is [companyname]@emailarchiver.onuptick.com


To view correspondence per client

Step 1: Go to the People tab on the navigation menu and select Clients from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Next, click on a specific client.

Step 3: Click on the Correspondence tab to view all correspondence related to the client selected.


To view correspondence per property

  1. Go to the Properties tab on the navigation sidebar and select Properties. 
  2. Click on a specific property to enter a property's dashboard.
  3. Select the 'Correspondence' tab (as highlighted below).
  4. You can also see the correspondence on the timeline of the property, with a hyperlink to the dialogue.  

Screen_Shot_2021-01-13_at_9.05.42_am.pngThe correspondence page will display all e-mails exchanged concerning the property, in open view. This saves you from having to search, click through and open up emails to retrieve information. Screen_Shot_2021-01-13_at_9.10.11_am.png

Step 4: From here you can also click Open mail window which will allow you to send an email via your own email portal (Automatically includes a bcc of the correspondence email).Screen_Shot_2017-06-20_at_2.03.19_pm.png

Note: Follow the same steps but instead of on a property, on a task, to see task dispatches and correspondence related to a particular task. This can assist in finding when emails were sent, to who, and what was sent. You can see exactly what was sent by clicking on the 'Attachments:' on the correspondence. 


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Bounced emails

When an email bounces, you'll receive a notification of what has bounced to the email listed in your business settings. 



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