To issue a report or invoice from a task

Give clients information they need through our powerful issuances module. This ensures excellent customer service and provides better communication and transparency between you and your client. Issuances can be sent via a technician onsite or more commonly at an admin level from the office.

To view all your dispatches, click on Properties from the navigational menu at the top and select Dispatches from the drop down menu.

Step 1: View a task either via the tasks control centre or via a property's tasks page. 

Step 2: Click on the green, Dispatch to client button which will redirect you to the issuance page.


Step 3:  In this section, you can view the client/property billing and reporting requirements. You can also view the task information, the property's service schedule and service contracts.


Step 4: Tick the box of which options you want to send out; either a service report, another type of report or an invoice. If you have already created an invoice in Uptick, then use the drop down box to issue the invoice already created otherwise, you'll create another invoice in Uptick.


Step 5: View the template email to be sent out to the client.

Step 6: Once satisfied click Dispatch to Client to finalise the issuance.

NOTE: If there isn't a preview and instead gives you a red coloured message, please see whether an email has been provided for the client you are dispatching to on the client's page. 

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