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An asset preset is an easy way to group certain types of assets. This can simplify the process when adding assets to certain properties by selecting a certain preset instead of selecting separate assets.

This is a great tool to use if you encounter many similar properties with identical sets of asset types.

For example-- a university, elementary school and day care are all set to the same standards and require the same assets, products or services. To stream line the process of creating assets for each classroom, create an asset preset.  

To edit/add a new preset

Step 1: Enter the assets page via the Servicing tab and from the drop down menu select Assets.

Step 2: Click on Presets from the list of tabs.

Step 3: To add a new preset click on the create preset button, otherwise if you wish to edit an existing preset, select Edit to the side of the preset.


Step 4: Finally fill in a name and the common asset types associated with that particular preset and then select Save preset.


To load a preset to a property

Step 1: To load a preset to a property's asset registry enter a properties dashboard and select the second tab labelled Assets.

Step 2: Click on Load preset and select the relevant preset and asset tags. The tag is a classification tool for clean organisation and easy accessibility. 


Step 3: Once completed select Load preset to complete. 

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