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Give clients a quick snapshot of the activities performed directly from site ensuring a quick turnaround and minimising production overhead for your administrative staff. New report types can be created and heavily customised allowing you to provide customers with the information they require.

Each report comprises certain tasks your technicians have completed and the specific asset they serviced. This includes each asset's inspection status and details for better client communication and property compliance.

To access the service reports dashboard 

Step 1: Click on the cog (control panel) in the bottom left corner. Under the General section, click Reports


At the reports dashboard page, you will be able to manage report types and see a log of reports made most recently. 

To add a report type

Step 1: Click the blue button labelled Create report types


Step 2: At the report type page, select the blue button labelled Create report type.


Step 3: From this page you will be requested to complete a form to create the report. 



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