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A round is an arbitrary grouping of tasks to help your office staff manage inspector work load and report on progress. Usually rounds are created for geographical areas (e.g. Geelong, Melbourne Metro, etc.) and skill-sets (e.g. Geelong- sprinklers and Geelong- portables). Tasks can only be assigned to one round, but can be moved between rounds easily.

Step 1: Enter the tasks control centre by clicking on Tasks from the drop down menu of the Servicing tab from the navigational menu at the top.

Step 2: Select the second blue button labelled View Rounds.


From here, you will be able to view a list of all rounds with their associated percentage of completion. You are also able to search for a certain round via the filter fields above the list.


Step 3: Click on Add round and fill in the required information, specifically the full name of the round. You can also assign a Due date, Technician, Branch and an Admin, as well as add notes to the round. Then click 'Save Round.'


Adding a Default Round on a Property:

From the outset, properties can be assigned a default round on the edit page which will allocate any task for a property to a certain round.

As mentioned doing this will ensure that any task due at a property will be automatically assigned to the default round and skill-set required once tasks are generated for the month.


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