Creating a Task

Uptick has made it easy to create tasks in a variety of ways to suit your business processes.  In this way, you can either log one off tasks or bulk generate routine services as per service contracts. 


via the tasks control centre

Step 1: Enter the tasks control centre by clicking on Servicing from the navigational menu at the top and from the down list select Tasks.

Step 2: Click the blue Create task button.



Via the property dashboard

Step 1: Enter a property's dashboard and from the list of tabs select the tab labelled Tasks.

Step 2: Click on the blue Add task button


Step 3: You have to fill out in the required information:

a) Task information - Name and Category


The first section gives you the option to set up the name and category of the task including any other general and technician notes for the task.

Note: The invoice notes are NOT internal and will appear on any of the issuances created for this task.

b) Status - Status


c) Details - Priority and Client


d) Location - Access Schedule


A few other important fields:Due-

Due- The date the task needs to be completed by.

Primary technician- You have the option to assign the task to a particular technician.

Round- You can allocate the task to a pre-made round.

Property- If the task is associated with a property already logged in the system. Note: This will automatically be filled if the task is created via the property dashboard.

Value- This is an approximate dollar value of the task to give a better gage of the expected works.

Work order- Add any refeference to a work order of which the task is based on.


Step 3: Once you are satisfied that all the details have been filled in accurately select Save task.


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