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Uptick allows you to watch your business in action, no matter where you are. Stay in the know, respond quickly to urgent situations and provide better support for your employees and clients by being aware of the progress of the job.

Step 1: Click the Tools tab on the navigation menu at the top of the page. From the drop down menu, select Intelligence.

Step 2: Click Realtime under Technicians

From the Dashboards page, you have the option to view the real-time progress of operations or the tasks that are in progress. You also have the option to filter the tasks you want to see on the map and change task icons, depending on their categories.



 From the Realtime Dashboard, you will be presented with a map displaying all the active tasks logged on the system. The locations will be colour coded according to their status. Underneath the map, you will find the tasks and a synchronised progress bar that tracks the tasks to reflect the amount and type of work that has been completed.

You can zoom in on the map to a specific site. The colour of the site marker will indicate the task status and the icon will indicate the task category.

See the key below:

Green: Complete

Light Blue: In Progress

Blue: Inspected

Purple: Office Review

Yellow: Vacant

Dark Orange: Revisit

Orange: Access Review

Grey: New

Dark Grey: Not ready

Red: Field review

Black: Scheduled

When you click on a site, a small information box will appear. The information displayed will include the task name, the property reference number, the service, the task status, the site address, the type of technician required or the technician the assignment has been assigned to, and the round.

Below the map and task progress bar is the list that contains the real time progress information. Find the details of the progress of technicians while they are on site.

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